Health and Safety


To achieve the Vision of a healthy work environment free of Incidents. Injuries and Accidents:

  1.  Needless to say, we comply with local legislation and all directives related to Health and Safety at work.
  2.  We are committed to do our best to safeguard the H&S of all our direct and indirect employees in all activities where we have management control.
  3.  We aim at continuous improvement of our H&S performance by managing it as our top Business Priority.
  4.  We manage H&S as an integrated system of goals, with clear responsibilities and accountabilities.
  5.  We continuously strive to embed safe and sound behaviour throughout the organization in our everyday activities and to create an environment in which everyone and all   of us are responsible for our own and our colleagues' safety.
  6.  All employees are expected to follow safe-work practices, obey rules and regulations and work in a manner that upholds the high safety standards developed and     endorsed by the Group.
  7.  We use our influence to the best of our ability to persuade our suppliers, contractors and third parties to adopt similar H&S policy.
  8.  We willingly engage with stakeholders and third parties who may seek our advice.
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