Circular Economy



Circular economy provides a reliable and modern proposal for sustainable development, with many benefits for society, the economy and the environment. That is why we actively support it as a business model!

In simple terms, circular economy consists in prolonging the life cycle of products and, at the same time, saving non-renewable natural resources through the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of raw materials, energy and waste.

The cement industry has already actively contributed towards the implementation of a circular economy model at various stages of the production process and has adopted synergy practices (industrial symbiosis) with other industries.

Concrete, which is the end product and a key material in human activity, thus contributes towards mitigation and adaptation to climate change and energy saving.

Moreover, it is 100% recyclable and a key driver of circular economy, both in terms of the full life cycle of a building or infrastructure project and in terms of the options of using the waste and by-products from the production of its constituents, such as cement.

By promoting circular economy, we contribute to sustainable development in three ways:

  • Sustainable construction.
  • Durable constructions to adopt to climate change.
  • Recovery of materials and energy through the use of alternative raw materials and fuels.

Sustainable Construction

Durable Structures

Use of Alternative Raw Materials and Fuels

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